Our work speaks for itself, and word’s getting out.

Demand for our product spans across state lines. With clients in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, and Minnesota, we’re no strangers to long-distance work. Rest assured that your part will be manufactured and delivered in plenty of time.


Live tooling lathes. 4th axis mills. HEM Saws. Turning and milling operations. We do it all.
Here at TMC, we’re accustomed to everything from production runs to prototype applications. We are experienced in holding tolerances within the tenths, and offer the highest quality work in heat treating, welding, plating, grinding and honing.

TMC has 3 HEM SAWS able to cut unlimited lengths and up to 12″ diameter. Our facility also offers secondary operations both in house or within our vendor network like fabrication, induction heat-treating, sand blasting, a programmable pin welder for high production repeatable welding, and assembly.


We’re a Computer Numerical Cutting facility set up for optimal efficiency and flow. Our 26,000 square feet of warehouse space utilizes over 21 CNC machines (Mazak, Doosan, etc.) to bring your CAD drawings to life for on time delivery. TMC utilizes JobBOSS job control software to ensure seamless integration between internal manufacturing and external project management. Through it, and with the help of our trusted Quality Assurance Manager, we’re able to track every step of the manufacturing process, from material test reports to employees that have worked on your project.


Castings, Reaming, Milling & Turning. Need something specific? Give us a call and we’ll make it happen.

Induction Heating

Need a tough part that won’t break down before its time? Looking to harden only a section of a part? We use induction heating to make sure your parts are selectively tough, increasing the life of your product.



TMC utilizes lean techniques to assemble your finished good in a timely manner without adding cost to your bill.